Prosperity Booster Whole Life Plan 5

Passing on a bright tomorrow to future generations
Given time and proper momentum, your savings can snowball into a sizable amount of wealth to fuel your dreams and those of your loved ones.

Accelerate your wealth accumulation with Prosperity Booster Whole Life Plan 5 ("Prosperity Booster 5" or the "Plan"), a participating life insurance plan that propels your long-term savings further, offering potentially high returns so that you can make the most of every opportunity. Prosperity Booster 5 offers a variety of options that help you take control of your wealth and pass your legacy to the next generation. The Plan also offers life protection as well as payment flexibility in case times get tough.

Key Benefits

Wealth Accumulation
  • Build wealth with long-term growth potential
  • Cash out current gains for extra liquidity
Legacy Planning
  • Extend your legacy by changing the Insured Person
  • Cover the unforeseen with Successor Owner and Contingent Insured Person
  • Split your Policy to spread legacy among loved ones
  • Sustain your legacy with Flexi Continuation Option
Family Protection
  • Support your loved ones with life protection
  • Choose the settlement option that matches your plan
Financial Flexibility
  • Withdraw ready cash when needed
  • Overcome challenging times with Premium Holiday option #
  • Enjoy flexibility with extension of Grace Period #

# Only available for policies with a 5-year Premium Payment Term.
* Benefits are subject to relevant terms and conditions. For terms, conditions and key product risks, please refer to product brochure for details.