Premium Payment Methods

We offer various hassle-free premium payment methods for you. You may choose the most convenient one to pay.

Important Notes:
  • Only accept payment made by the Policyowner or Insured Person or designated 3rd party payor.
  • Payment currency must be in HKD or policy currency, please refer to the exchange rate section.
  • 3 working days are required for payment transaction, please make the payment in advance.
  • The Company may request the Policyowner to provide payor's information if necessary. Any payment made by unidentified or other than designated 3rd party payor will be rejected and returned to the payor. Should you have any enquiry on the designated 3rd party payor, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2516 0133.
Payment via Mail
  • Please mail us a local crossed cheque / local bank draft made payable to "Fubon Life Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited". (Attn: Policy Administration Department)
  • Please state policy number, name of the Policyowner / Insured Person / designated 3rd party payor at the back of the cheque / bank draft.
  • For premium paid by bank draft, please provide us with the bank receipt to confirm the payor's identity.
  • Post-dated cheque will not be accepted.
Payment by PPS
PPS By Internet
PPS By Phone 18031 (English)
18033 (Cantonese)
Our Merchant Code 6321
Bill Type 1 (Policy Premium Payment)
Bill Account No. 8-digit policy number
Payment Amount Premium amount due in HKD
Direct Bank Transfer / Telegraphic Transfer
  • All bank charges are to be borne by payor.
  • Policy number, name of Policyowner / Insured Person and premium amount should be indicated in the remittance information.
  • Please send proof of payment showing the debit account number and name of account holder (Policyowner / Insured Person / designated 3rd party payor) to us within one week via the following ways:
    • 1. By email
    • 2. By mail
      Suites 1206-1209, 12/F, Dorset House, Taikoo Place, 979 King's Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong (Attn: Policy Administration Department)
  • For bank account details of the Company, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2516 0133