Fortune Income Creator

Offering steady income stream and wealth growth opportunities
A full life is marked by opportunities, responsibilities and dreams for the future. Whether you are planning to start a family, securing your child’s education or preparing for retirement, Fortune Income Creator (the "Plan") can get you closer to your goals by providing a steady stream of income that you can depend on. The Plan also offers advanced legacy planning features that enable you to pass your income on to your family seamlessly. Start planning today and share the gift of a brighter future with your loved ones.

Key Benefits

Steady Income Stream and Wealth Growth Opportunities
  • Create regular income for better financial liquidity
  • Give wealth a boost with potential returns
Legacy Planning
  • Pass on your wealth with Change of Insured Person Option
  • Prepare for unforeseen circumstances with Successor Owner and Contingent Insured Person
  • Split policy to spread your wealth among loved ones
  • Sustain your legacy with Flexi Continuation Option
Family Protection
  • Safeguard your loved ones with life protection
  • Choose the settlement option that best suits you

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* Benefits are subject to relevant terms and conditions. For terms, conditions and key product risks, please refer to product brochure for details.