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Fubon Life Hong Kong launches Fortune Bright Saver,
a life insurance plan with annual guaranteed payouts and multigenerational wealth management solutions


Hong Kong, 17 August 2020 - Fubon Life Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited announced today the official launch of Fortune Bright Saver, a 5-year-pay life insurance plan designed for customers to enjoy guaranteed regular income and long-term wealth management to help fulfill multigenerational financial needs.

“The era of low interest rates has probed customers to look for financial solutions that offer guaranteed return. For mass affluent and high net worth customer segments, there has been an increasing need to allocate their assets to a secure investment with stable return. With this in mind, Fubon Life is pleased to develop a plan that offers annual payouts. From the 1st to 5th Policy Anniversary, the annual Guaranteed Cash Coupon is 3% of the Nominated Amount of the Policy. In the subsequent years, the annual Cash Coupon rate is guaranteed to be 2%, together with additional non-guaranteed Annual Dividends to be distributed.

Apart from providing regular income, Fortune Bright Saver also offers a turnkey solution for customers to build a platform for multigenerational wealth management, so that the Policy is not just a financial protection for the next generation but even the third generation of the family.” Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Patricia Wong said.

To pass on the wealth, the Plan offers several ways for the Policyowner. Firstly, the Policyowner can opt for changing the Insured Person1,2 to offer the protection from one family member to the other as the financial needs change. Secondly, if the Policyowner would like to pre-select a succeeding Insured Person, the Policyowner can also apply to designate a Contingent Insured Person2 well in advance to ensure the protection sustains. Thirdly, the Policy ownership can also be transferred to a designated representative as the Successor Owner2, which will take effect if the original Policyowner passes away. All these arrangements will help to pass on the protection and sustain a healthy financial picture.

The Plan is available for customers aged between 15 days to 75 at time of application. It comes with the policy currency option of HK or US dollars. By paying 5 years of premium, the Plan will cover a period of up to age 110 of the Initial Insured Person. Life protection benefit3 will be offered in the unfortunate event that the Insured Person passes away and no Contingent Insured Person is designated or becomes effective.


  1. The Plan provides an option to change the Insured Person (with no limit of times) after the 1st Policy Anniversary and during which the named Insured Person under the Policy is still alive. For the purpose to determine the paid-out of Guaranteed Cash Coupon, the date of Policy maturity as well as other benefits, the Policy will base on the age of the Initial Insured Person. Benefits will be payable up to age 110 of the Initial Insured Person.
  2. The application is subject to Fubon Life’s approval pursuant to applicable laws and regulations and Fubon Life’s prevailing rules and underwriting requirements in effect from time to time. Please refer to the Policy Provisions for details.
  3. Death Benefit is equivalent to the higher of (i) Guaranteed Cash Value; or (ii) 101% of the difference between the total premiums paid and due and the Cash Coupon paid, together with any accumulated Cash Coupons with interests, accumulated Annual Dividends with interests, Terminal Dividend and net of any Indebtedness.

* For the detailed terms and conditions and product risks, please refer to the product brochure and the Policy Provisions.

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