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Attending the annual thankful reception, hosted by Chief Executive, for the support from new foreign and Mainland investors to Hong Kong

Mr. Jerry Chou, CEO, Fubon Life, signed on the wall of fame.
1. (Last row, Left 3) Mr. Jerry Chou, CEO of Fubon Life Hong Kong
2. (First row, Left 8) Mr. CY Leung, The Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Mr. Jerry Chou, CEO of Fubon Life, is honored to be invited to attend the reception for new foreign and mainland companies in Hong Kong on June 21, 2016. The Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Honorable CY Leung was the Guest of Honor, who took this opportunity to show gratitude towards all the new foreign and mainland investors for their support to Hong Kong.

Fubon Life Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited (“Fubon Life”) is a newly established life insurance company in Hong Kong. The parent company, Fubon Life Insurance Co., Ltd., is the 2nd largest life insurance company in Taiwan. Upholding the philosophy of “Enriching Life with Endless Hope” and the Fubon corporate core values. We firmly believe that “Integrity” is the root of everything, “Sincerity” is the essence of a customer-oriented attitude, and “Professionalism” is the foundation of customer service, while “Innovation” is the key to retain eternal competitiveness.

We are committed in serving people in Hong Kong by providing variety of life insurance products through bancassurance, strategic alliance partnerships and proprietary channel. We hope to enrich people’s lives and actualize their hopes.

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