100% Guaranteed Monthly Income may last for a lifetime

There could be discrepancies between your aspirations and reality, but there is no room for disparities when it comes to your retirement planning. What's your ideal retirement? Enjoying mornings of tranquillity, shooting the breeze with friends over lunch, a relaxing swim in the clubhouse, preparing dinner for the family and going on your dream holiday. Whatever you wish for could be within your grasp, but first you need to be assured of a guaranteed steady income.

Fubon Life ABSOLUTE Annuity (the "Plan") is designed to help you prepare for your dream golden years. It offers guaranteed monthly income1 throughout your designated retirement period. The monthly income1 is fixed and remains unchanged for life, allowing you to truly enjoy a new lease of life without worries. The Plan also comes with a guaranteed death benefit2 to provide protection for your loved ones.

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Plan Features
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Secure a steady income for retirement

  • This Plan guarantees a fixed monthly income1 during your own retirement age.
  • You have a choice to take the income period of your policy as whole of life, ensuring that you will continue to receive monthly income1 as long as you live during your own retirement age.
  • A sustainable steady monthly income1 is absolutely crucial to secure your financial freedom and quality of life.

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Plan every step to attain ideal retirement

  • Simply pre-set your ideal monthly income and we can help you work out your savings budget.
  • Enable you to lock in a fixed income for life at your own acceptable premium.

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Retirement planning is not just for you

  • It also needs to take into consideration the future welfare of your family.
  • ABSOLUTE Annuity also provides a guaranteed death benefit2 equivalent to 130% of premiums paid or guaranteed cash value, whichever is higher.
  • The lump sum amount will be paid directly to your designated beneficiary, allowing your loved ones to receive immediate support at times of sorrow.

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Different retirement age options for choose

  • ABSOLUTE Annuity provides different retirement age options to let you freely choose when to start receiving monthly income.
  • No matter if you decide to take early retirement at age 55 or work till age 60 or 65, we can provide options to meet your needs.
  • When you retire, should you find your available liquid assets are more than sufficient, you can choose not to collect guaranteed monthly income1 and let it accumulate with interest3 in your policy to gain a bigger financial return.

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What you do in the next decade may be crucial to the remainder of your life

  • The Plan offers premium payment terms of 10 years, so your diligence in the next 10 years can lead to decades of fruitful gratification.
  • If you already have ample savings then you can choose the 5-year payment term or the lump sum premium payment of 5-year premium to earn prepayment discounts4,5,6 for greater returns.

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Retirement planning can be very simple

  • You just need to decide on your ideal income for your retirement,
  • And complete a quick and easy application with no medical examination7 necessary to secure steady income for your golden years.


  1. Monthly income represents Guaranteed Monthly Income, which shall be payable to the Policyowners on each Policy Monthiversary during Income Period.
  2. Should the policy have not been paid up or there be any indebtedness at the death of the Insured Person, Fubon Life will first make deduction from the total Death Benefit amount in settlement of such indebtedness. The remaining amount will be paid to the beneficiary.
  3. The accumulated interest rate is not guaranteed and is subject to Fubon Life Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited's ("Fubon Life") revision from time to time.
  4. An amount equivalent to an annual Premium shall be deducted from the Premium Prepayment Balance annually on each and every Premium Due Date.
  5. Should you surrender the policy during the Premium Payment Term, a surrender charge at 5% of the premium prepayment balance will be charged by Fubon Life.
  6. Prepayment cannot be refunded or withdrawn except in the event of Death Benefit payment, policy surrender or reduction in Nominated Amount.
  7. Fubon Life has set a limit as to the total annualized premium of insurance policies in respect of the same type of insurance products (as determined and revised by Fubon Life from time to time). The Insured Person is only required to complete a number of simple health questions if the purchase of this policy does not exceed such limit. Fubon Life reserves the right to accept or reject any applications for the Plan based on the information provided by the Insured Person during application.
  8. If the Premium Mode is monthly, Fubon Life shall deduct from the Death Benefit that becomes due and payable under the Policy the Premium instalment(s) that has (have) not been paid for the Policy Year in which the Insured Person passed away.
  9. Indebtedness refers to all due and outstanding premiums, Automatic Policy Loan and Policy Loans with respective interests under this Policy and any amounts owed to the Company.
Important Message:
Warning Statement:

ABSOLUTE Annuity is a life insurance plan, including Guaranteed Monthly Income and non-guaranteed accumulated interest. Part of the premiums pays for the insurance and related costs. The policy is underwritten by Fubon Life Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited ("Fubon Life") and is subject to the company’s credit risk. In the worst scenario, you may lose all premium paid and benefits provided under the policy. The savings part of the plan is also subject to risk and loss. You must be aware of the long-term nature of life insurance plan. If you surrender your policy before maturity, the amount you get back may be less than that you have paid and thus resulting in a pecuniary loss. The insurance plan includes guaranteed and non-guaranteed parts. The non-guaranteed part is projected figures and for illustrative purposes only and is not guaranteed. The actual benefits and/or returns may be lower or higher than the projected figures.

Important Information
Accumulation Interest Rate Philosophy
  1. Your policy can earn accumulated interest if you choose to retain the annual dividend, guaranteed monthly income or cash coupon at your policy. This accumulated interest is non-guaranteed benefit. Fubon Life aims to ensure fair treatment between different groups of policyowners.
  2. The accumulation interest rate will be reviewed at least once a year, based on actual experience and investment outlook. Fubon Life will smooth out the volatility of the actual investment return to ensure a stable accumulation interest rate. If there is any change to the accumulation interest rate, you will be informed by writing or by the policy annual statement with explicit reasons for the change.
  3. To determine the accumulation interest rate, Fubon Life will consider the actual experience and the outlook of the following factors:
  1. Interest rate risk factors: The interest earning of the asset portfolio and its capital gain / loss due to fluctuation of market interest rate
  2. Market risk factors: The market value changes of the asset portfolio, reflecting different market factors such as equity price, asset liquidity and exchange rate
  3. Persistency factors: This includes full surrender and partial surrender and the corresponding impact on investments, etc.
Investment Policy, Investment Objectives and Investment Strategy
  1. The Investment Policy aims to actively monitor and manage investment risk and policy liability and to identify asset with suitable characteristics, tenor and liquidity to meet the cash flow need of the insurance business.
  2. The Investment Objectives are to support the guaranteed benefit of the policies and also to meet the non-guaranteed benefit as illustrated to the policyowners.
  3. The Investment Strategy is to diversify investment risks, to improve capital utilization efficiency, to enhance overall investment returns, and to safeguard the long-term interests of shareholders and policyowners. Should there be any significant changes in the investment strategy, Fubon Life would inform policyowners on the changes, with underlying reasons and impact to the policies.
  4. The long term target asset mix of this product is:
  5. Asset Type Target Asset Mix (%)
    Bonds and other fixed income assets 75-95%
    Non-fixed income assets 5-25%
  6. To diversify the risk, Fubon Life may invest in securities of different regions, industries, credit ratings, and liquidities. This includes government bonds, corporate bonds and other fixed income assets in US, European, emerging markets, and so on. Fubon Life may also invest in non-fixed income assets including equities, private fund, public fund, mutual fund, index fund, etc. Depending on economy outlook, investment environment, as well as changes in the credit risk, Fubon Life will regularly review and adjust the asset allocation.
  7. The historical accumulation interest rate is not an indicator of future accumulation interest rate of our products.
  8. For the details of "Measure to Manage Potential Conflict", "Accumulation Interest Rate Philosophy" and the "Fulfillment Ratios of Dividend and Interests", please refer to Fubon Life's Company website at
Key Product Risk
    Nature of the Product & Liquidity Risk
  1. The Plan is of long-term nature and is not of any bank saving nature. You are advised to carefully consider your financial capability, cash flow and liquidity needs before making any purchase decision. The Plan may not be suitable for you and you should not buy the Plan if you are in need of short-term liquidity.
  2. Nominated Amount & its adjustment
  3. The Nominated Amount serves as an amount for the calculation of Premium, Guaranteed Monthly Income and other policy values for the Plan. It is not equivalent to the amount of the Death Benefit payable in case of the death of the Insured Person.
  4. Reduction in Nominated Amount on Policy Anniversary is allowed, which shall not be less than the minimum Nominated Amount. As such the Guaranteed Monthly Income, the Guaranteed Cash Value, Death Benefit, the Premium Prepayment Balance and the Premium shall be reduced in proportion.
  5. Guaranteed Monthly Income
  6. Guaranteed Monthly Income is the amount guaranteed to be payable on each Policy Monthiversary within the Income Period. Please refer to the Policy Provision for details.
  7. Benefit Period
  8. Benefit Period means a period commencing on the Issue Date and expiring on Policy Termination Date.
  9. Income Period
  10. Income Period means the entitled period of the Guaranteed Monthly Income from the designated Income Start Date till the Policy Maturity Date.
  11. Policy Currency Risk
  12. Policy currency is denominated in the currency as set out in the Policy Schedule. Should the premiums and benefits requested to be paid in the currency other than the policy currency, approval of such request would be subject to Fubon Life's absolute discretion and Fubon Life reserves the right to adopt an exchange rate as determined by Fubon Life's absolute discretion. Please refer to "Currency Risk" for more details.
  13. Cooling Off
  14. If you are not satisfied with the policy, you have the right to cancel it in accordance with the Fubon Life’s rules within the cooling-off period (that is, 21 days after the delivery of the policy or the issue of a Notice informing you or your representative about the availability of the policy and the expiry date of the cooling-off period, whichever is earlier) and obtain a refund of the premium and the prepaid premium (if any). You must send us the written notice with your signature and the policy (if received) to the business address of Fubon Life and ensure such notice must be received by Fubon Life within the cooling-off period. The business address of Fubon Life Customer Service Centre is Suites 1206 – 1209, 12/F, Dorset House, Taikoo Place, 979 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong. No Premium or Prepaid Premium shall be refunded if claim payment is made under this Policy. After the expiration of the cooling-off period, if you cancel the policy before maturity, the projected total cash value may be less than the amount of the total premiums you have paid.
  15. Risk on delaying or missing Premium payment
  16. The premium will be paid to Fubon Life and part of the premiums will become part of the assets of Fubon Life while part of it will be paid for the insurance and related costs. The policyowner does not have any direct rights nor ownership over any of these assets. The policyowner's rights are subject to terms and conditions of the policy provisions and his/her recourse is against Fubon Life only.
  17. You should pay the initial premium on or before the policy date and renewal premium(s) on time according to the selected premium mode. Besides, if you fail to make renewal premium payment before the expiry of the Grace Period (within 31 days after the premium due date), and, if applicable, the outstanding premium is not paid by the Automatic Policy Loan, the policy will be terminated on the premium due date that triggers the Grace Period and you will lose the coverage afterward. The Surrender Value will be refunded to you. You may refer to the related standard illustration for details.
  18. Withdrawal Risk
  19. Withdrawal of the accumulated Guaranteed Monthly Income and non-guaranteed interest are not allowed if the withdrawal shall cause the total indebtedness under the policy exceeds 80% of the aggregate of Guaranteed Cash Value and accumulated Guaranteed Monthly Income and non-guaranteed interest.
  20. Surrender Risk
  21. The Plan has savings component and is subject to risks and possible loss. Should you surrender the policy before maturity, you may receive an amount considerably less than the amount of total premium paid.
  22. Termination Condition
  23. Your policy will be terminated on the earliest of the following events:
    1. Death of the insured person;
    2. Maturity Date; or
    3. if Fubon Life is unable to collect any subsequent premiums by the expiry of Grace Period and, if applicable, the outstanding premium is not paid by the Automatic Policy Loan;
    4. Surrender or cancellation of policy; or
    5. Indebtedness under the policy is greater than or equal to the aggregate of the Guaranteed Cash Value and accumulated Guaranteed Monthly Income with non-guaranteed interest payable under the policy before the Maturity Date.
  24. Suicide
  25. If the insured person commits suicide whilst sane or insane within the first 13 months from the issue date or reinstatement date (whichever is later), Fubon Life shall only refund the amount of the premium and the Prepaid Premium without interest less any benefits paid under this policy to the policyowner.
  26. Policy Loan
  27. The Plan offers Policy Loan. It may trigger the start of Automatic Policy Loan, if there is outstanding premium. The loan shall bear interest computed at such rate as may be adopted by Fubon Life from time to time. Please refer to the policy provisions for details.
  28. Non-guaranteed Benefit
  29. The accumulated interest rate of Guaranteed Monthly Income is not guaranteed. It is determined by Fubon Life and subject to revision from time to time.
  30. Currency Risk
  31. Any transactions involving foreign currencies are subject to risks, the ever changing political and economic conditions may substantially affect the premium rate in terms of Hong Kong dollars or liquidity of currencies. The premiums received by Fubon Life in a currency different from your policy currency will be converted to the policy currency at the prevailing exchange rate determined by Fubon Life from time to time with reference to market rates. All monies payable to Fubon Life or by Fubon Life will be paid in Policy currency, or in the currency other than the Policy Currency upon your request. Approval of such request would be subject to Fubon Life's absolute discretion and Fubon Life reserves the right to adopt the prevailing exchange rate as determined by the Company's absolute discretion. Therefore it may be subject to foreign exchange risks in the process of currency conversion.
  32. Inflation Risk
  33. The benefit provided under your policy may not be sufficient to meet your future needs as the future costs of living may be higher than that of today due to inflation.
  34. Credit Risk
  35. Fubon Life is the underwriter of the Plan. The policy is subject to Fubon Life's credit risk. If Fubon Life is unable to satisfy the financial obligations of the policy, in the worst scenario, you may lose substantial part of, and even all, premium paid and benefits provided under the policy.
  36. Other Information
    1. Fubon Life is solely responsible for all content, approvals, coverage and benefit payment of the Plan.
    2. Fubon Life reserves the right to accept and reject any insurance application.
    3. This leaflet is published by Fubon Life who is fully responsible for all the information stated in the leaflet.
    4. The above information is intended for reference only. All the policy terms and conditions are set out in the policy provisions of the Plan. For more information of the policy terms and conditions, please contact Fubon Life.
    5. This leaflet is distributed in Hong Kong only and shall not be construed as an offer to sell or solicitation to buy or provision of any insurance of Fubon Life outside Hong Kong.
    6. Fubon Life is the private company limited by shares incorporated and registered in Hong Kong and the registered office is situated at Suites 301-303, 3/F, 12 Taikoo Wan Road, Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong.